Anchoram Electronics Design

About Us

Supported by a background of good technical qualifications, a truly professional approach and a passion for technology, our experience is applicable to a wide range of industries. We can provide complete design solutions for self-contained electronic / software systems as well as an electronics design service; and support and advice for larger projects. Products and assemblies can be designed and developed at our inhouse facilities. Alternatively, support can be provided to a customer on-site where required. We have the capability to deal with small, simple jobs that take only a few days as well as more extensive designs.

Design Capabilities

Anchoram has many combined years of expertise in a range of engineering disciplines, including but not limited to:


Our focus is on reliability. It is relatively easy to design a product or piece of equipment that works ‘on the bench’ and superficially meets design requirements. However, if a high production yield and reliable operation in the field are to be achieved, the design process must be meticulous. A thorough understanding of the technologies involved is essential. Variations in characteristics between individual components, operating conditions and environments must be factored into the design in order to result in a reliable product. Not having an adequate design process in place can – and unfortunately, often does – result in expensive lessons being learnt in delays to market, production or ‘in the field’ problems. This applies regardless of whether it is a one-off specialised piece of equipment being designed, or highly cost-sensitive mass produced articles.


At an early stage of the design process we review the design in terms of its manufacturability and what assembly processes and testing are required in production. These requirements are intrinsically linked to the product design process; if they are not factored in during the design phase then technical issues and delays are likely to occur in production.


We will supply documentation that is: