Anchoram Electronics Design


There are multiple advantages to our systematic approach to engineering design:

Reputation – a reliable product will help build and consolidate your position in the market.

Returns – the cost of a returned product is frequently many times higher than its manufacturing cost. Return rates are inversely related to reliability.

Ease of Manufacture – it takes time to set up production, and additional time to ramp up production quantities. This is often overlooked during the planning phase. Having a product design that has been developed in parallel with production requirements reduces setup time and brings in revenue sooner.

Material Costs – lower cost materials and components do not necessarily mean lower quality or reliability. A careful and thorough assessment of alternatives often identifies more cost-effective options that are just as effective and reliable – sometimes more so. This is particularly the case for high volume products, where a small additional investment at the design stage can result in significant savings during a production run.

Design Traceability – designs are often produced with little documentation to demonstrate how they were derived, so future modifications to a design can waste a disproportionate amount of time and resources in reverse engineering a design in order to understand its operation. This is not the case when the original design is supported by appropriate and comprehensive documentation.

Bottom Line – the design of your product is an investment. There are cheaper and quicker ways of producing a design, but it is to be expected that the end result will cost much more in the long run. The additional cost of developing a well-designed product upfront will typically be insignificant compared to the long term costs, both in direct costs and indirectly through damage to your company’s reputation.

Electronics design work will be overseen or carried out by an experienced chartered engineer.