Anchoram Electronics Design

If you’re looking for a complete electronics design; on-site or off-site design services; or technical support from a Chartered Engineer with extensive experience in a range of industries, we may have the knowledge and expertise you need.

Anchoram is located at the heart of England in the historic city of Coventry.

Complete Electronic Design Packages

Electronics are often incorporated into a wide range of products to add functionality or enhance performance, including those that formerly relied on more traditional technologies - such as simple electrical or mechanical controls and interfaces. Products with these new features and improved performance typically have added values greater than the cost of the electronics, and which are often essential for a manufacturer to be competitive.

It is often not feasible nor economically justifiable to have an in-house team of electronics designers, in which case the design needs to be outsourced. Anchoram can provide the skills, resources and knowledge required to provide you with the most appropriate, time- and cost-effective solution.

Our design process typically starts with a specification, which includes both technical and commercial requirements such as functionality, unit cost, delivery schedule, production test and conformance testing. We will design and develop a solution based on this specification to an agreed schedule, maintaining a regular communication with the customer during the process and supplying production (and post-production) support where required. Comprehensive design and production documentation will be provided.

If you are not sure whether an electronics design is appropriate, or would like to discuss your particular requirements, please contact us for a no-obligation chat.

Electronics Design Support

Electronics design departments can sometimes have problems with bandwidth – not enough engineers in the department to keep up with demand. The demand may be transient, in which case it does not make economic sense to hire additional full-time engineers. Even where it does make economic sense, the current shortage of skilled engineers can cause difficulties or delays in hiring.

Anchoram can provide an experienced electronics design engineer on a contractual basis, on-site (dependent on location) or off-site, for any duration from days to months. We provide our own IT equipment and have our own test and development facilities that allow off-site design and development.

As Anchoram provides these services direct, there are no agency fees to pay. Please contact us for further details.

Technical Support

Our experience and expertise in a range of industries means we are well placed to provide support and advice on a wide range of technical issues relating to electronics, whether this is (for example) general electronics design requirements, production, or conformance testing.

Component sourcing is a particular problem in the electronics industry as will be obvious to anyone involved in procurement; components often need to be purchased as soon as they are available to allow production to continue, rather than following the conventional JIT model. This in itself may not solve the problem, component (non)availability being such a widespread issue that at least some devices in a design are likely to be out of stock and on long lead times.

An alternative approach to the problem is to redesign products using readily available components. This accounts for a significant proportion of work carried out by Anchoram in the last year (2021-22). This approach involves a number of compromises compared with the ‘regular’ design process (e.g. committing to component purchase before completing the design, possible price increases) but increases the certainty of maintaining an acceptable production schedule. If you think this might be a solution for your current production problems or require advice or support on any other electronics-related topic, please contact us for a chat.